2-Factor Authentication made easy

Think if there was an Authenticator app synced across all your devices, encrypted and accessible only by you


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About Sentinel

Easily access your 2FA tokens on all your devices

Sentinel stores your data securely in your personal iCloud Keychain, shared with all your devices, and not accessible by anyone. Not even us.

Full of features

Keep it Organized with Folders

Store all your 2FA tokens securely in Sentinel and organize them in folders (Work, Personal, Crypto, Social, etc.) for even easier access.


Fully Customizable

Dark Mode is an old concept, Sentinel takes it to the next level with many UI customizations and themes.

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How it Works?

Add a 2FA code either via QRCode or manual input and let Sentinel manage it for you!

Scan the QRCode

Scan the provided QRCode or input manually the secret string.

Validate the token

Insert the generated code in the provider's website/app to confirm its validity.

You are protected

When requested Sentinel will provide you with a unique code to validate your identity.

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Download Sentinel.

Sentinel is available for iOS & macOS.



Sentinel is free, but you can upgrade to Premium to unlock all the features!


$0 /month

2 2FA tokens

Device Syncing


UI Customizations


Premium (Annual)

$9.99 /year

Unlimited 2FA tokens

Device Syncing


UI Customizations


Secure Backups

Custom Themes

iCloud Family

Premium (One-time)


Unlimited 2FA tokens

Device syncing


UI Customizations


Secure Backups

Custom Themes

iCloud Family

What Users Say?

Below are real reviews left on the App Store

Very happy with transition to Sentinel
Went from Tofu to Sentinel! I was happy with Tofu but it had no syncing between devices. Sentinel does this securely with keychain! Interface is easy to use. Happy with my transition! Also icons are quickly added to its looks good too!


Updated with new features all the time
This is the best authenticator app. Works on all my devices, is fast to use, automatic backups, and great support.


The easiest 2FA app to use
This app "just works". Zero configuration and it already synchronizes through all of my devices. It makes 2FA so easy to use that I've been enabling this feature in much more services than I did before, resulting in more security for me for no added hassle.


Excellent! Finally!
Finally I can use MFA tokens in a whereever I am. Don't have my phone? Not a problem, it's on my Mac. How about if I just have my phone or iPad? Yes, it works there too. And yes, you can click(copy) / paste into your web applications. So smart. I use this all day long.


The Authenticator you need
This is the best 2FA Authenticator out there. It syncs seamlessly across devices so you ll always have access to what you need. The developer is very responsive. This app gets my highest recommendation!


Was looking for just that.
I use 2FA where I can and it was always a pain to open Google Auth of the phone if you are trying to login on the computer. I was looking for an app that would have same tokens on both iPhone and Mac... I've tried half a dozen of them until I found Sentinel, that does exactly what I was looking for — OTP sync across all devices!


Frequently Asked Questions

Which app does it work with?

Sentinel supports standard TOTP & HOTP. You can use it to protect your Instagram, Google, Facebook, Binance, Crypto.com, Shopify, & 10.000+ other services.

What if the data is not syncing?

Make sure you have the iCloud Keychain enabled on all your devices. You can find it under Settings > iCloud > Keychain and set it to "On”.

Do you provide support?

Sure! Drop us an email or a DM on Twitter and we'll get back ASAP.

How to add missing icons?

We have a Github open source repository where you can add your own icons or request us to add the one missing.

Can I migrate from Google Authenticator?

Yes, export your data from Google Authenticator as a QRCode and simply scan it with Sentinel. It’s that easy!

How secure is Sentinel?

Sentinel uses the iCloud Keychain to store and transfer data, the same encrypted storage where Apple saves your Safari passwords.

Can you access our data?

No, we can't have access to your data even if we would. They are stored in your private iCloud Keychain, accessible only by you.

Is Premium shared with iCloud Family?

Yes, you can get Premium and have all your family use Sentinel to protect their accounts and data.

Need Any Help?

We don't bite and usually answer within a couple hours :)